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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Paul Smith

The gentle hippie Paul smith

Author: ed hardy guide

Paul smith, the brand come from UK, with gentle tradition, Paul smith clothing have a feeling together with tradition and modern, a little gentle and a little hippie. People always get more surprise from latest designs of Paul smith. The designer of this brand is a man called Paul smith, he like the different thing so he give different design through his brand.
The fashion brand Paul Smith, has become very famous in the UK and is well known for its striking and attention grabbing strips which has become a trademark for the designer. The Paul Smith brand offers collections for men, women and some for kids and teens. However, it is the menswear market, where Paul Smith has managed to excel. They have even managed to take this one step further by developing a very popular men’s fragrance range that carry's the Paul Smith name.
Sir Paul Smith is the creative talent behind his namesake clothing brand. As an English fashion designer, Mr. Smith has a top reputation to create and make the best in menswear. This creative talent and business acumen has made it possible for him to develop Paul Smith into a leading brand that now holds its own on the global fashion scene.
What makes Paul Smith's designs so popular and sought after is the exquisite and really feel-good design which helps to give men a really good looking shape. As mention earlier, the Paul Smith label is best known for the signature multi-colored pinstripe motif that is always present on most of there shirts and if not on the label. This motif makes the brand really stand out and has been incorporated in the accessories range including wallets, aftershaves and cuff links.
Paul Smith provides jackets, jeans, kniwear, outerwear and suits for men. Paul Smith jacket not only embodies men's gentleness and mature, but also a sense of nobility. You will feel fresh and vitality when you wear Paul Smith jeans, because of its superb quality and exquisite cut. Paul Smith knitwear has well craftsmanship and comfortable material, so it can show your noble quality.
Paul Smith dress in an elegant quality will catch everyone's attention on the subway. There also have many styles for women, such as dresses, knitwear, skirts, and trousers and so on. Any one of them also has different characters that can satisfy with your different needs.
If you're planning to purchase some paul smith products as a gift for your families and friends, you can also purchase online, just please visit the paul smith online store(http://www.paulsmithbase.com) for more discounts and save your money immediately! Good luck!

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