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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Equestrian fashion.

Some General introduction About Equestrian clothing

Author: Alien

Beginning equestrian are often confused about what equipment and apparel is necessary and which is optional. The basic Equestrian clothing is some thins that is especially used by new riders to avoid the bruises. These basics equestrian clothing can be purchased online or your local tack shop. Here are some different items you may come across along with a description of their uses.

 Riding helmet or hat; investing in a quality of a riding hat or helmet is a priority for all riders of any ages. There is always an element of risk when you are riding .Every rider should have a professionally fitted helmet. There is a vast variety of riding helmets to choose from. Ventilated helmets are good for kids. If you are considering trail riding, there are sturdy leather helmets that will last longer and not get scratched or torn.

Paddock Boots; these boots are specially designed to prevent your foot from getting caught in the stirrup should get thrown from your horse. Their shape allows your foot to slide easily from the stirrup. Proper paddock boots are much a safety necessity as a riding comfort.  They will also give your ankles an adequate support during training.

Protective Riding Vests; riding vests are specially designed to protect your vital organs if you fall. They have become mandatory for children at some equestrian centers.  You can also talk to the trainer of your child if he suggests that your child needs a protective vest.

Riding Breeches; riding breeches or riding pants are not essential for beginners riding. But they will probably make your experience more comfortable. Here is a large variety available online ranging from thin, lightly padded riding tights, to full seats riding breeches.  If you bruise easily or feel you need extra padding around, full seat riding breeches may work well for you. They are designed to help you to feel comfortable while riding.  These riding breeches are designed to protect your lower legs from the irritation or bruising due to rubbing against the stirrup straps.

Gloves; gloves should be worn in cold weather. Most riders prefer unlined doeskin or cowhide. Lined gloves are too bulky. String gloves for wet weather are essential.

Sturdy Oxford with low heels may be worn with Jodhpurs. Under no circumstances should the rider wear the sneakers, loafers or heelless foot wears. With such type of shoes the rider's foot may by mistake slide.
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